QASoft: ERP Software Solution

QASoft ERP with QMSClick QASoft logo image on right or click here to access online E-Book on QASoft ERP giving complete product information.

Based on Quality Management System and forward-thinking Industry Practices

  • Based on ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.
  • Covers production and quality assurance like no one has done before.
  • Processes Status of all processes is available at click on a button enabling users to make quick decisions.
  • Pending status of purchase order, sales order, pending machine maintainance, furture preventive maintainance, pending corrective preventive actions, account receivable, account payable, cash flow, pending inspection, pending inspection approval, status of non-conforming products, etc… are available at finger tips.
  • You can define production process and their interaction on any degree of complexity.
  • You can define your product quality plan based on applicable product standard, customer standard or your own standard.
  • Designed to meet product testing requirements of BIS, ISO, MIL, ASTM, BS, BASEC and all other national and international standards.
  • Software decides product acceptance/ rejection/
    re-testing based on quality plan.
  • Fully Integrated System, no duplication of data entry,
    automatically generates data entry template for next process from pending list.
  • Covers almost all the processes of a manufacturing industry, Check ERP Modules and Processes here.

Click QASoft logo image on right or click here to access online E-Book on QASoft ERP giving complete product information.

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The QASoft ERP Solution is available as desktop application for micro and small scale industries, as client server application for medium scale industries and as web server application for large scale industries.

QASoft covers all business process a manufacturing industry needs including product inspection and testing which is not covered by even industry leaders in their standard products.


This is only ERP with intelligence to decide on product quality based on your own quality plan.

Manoj Jain, Innovative Matrix Softech Pvt. Ltd., India

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