GST Software | Accounts or Ledgers

Accounts / Ledgers

This will help you prepare list of customers and suppliers.

  • Enter data in the fields and click “Save” to save the record. The new record will be displayed in the grid.
  • To modify or delete first click “Edit / Delete Search ON” check box.
  • To search data, type initial characters in the name field and click “Search” on NAME.
  • To update a record, click in the grid so that the record will be filled in the text boxes. Change as required and click “Update“.
  • To delete a record, select from the grid and click “Delete“. Ledgers or accounts in use cannot be deleted.

How to prepare Master database of accounts:

  • Under GST, there could be four types of registrations (GST Registered / Not Registered / Composition / UIN Holder.
  • Other” option should be used for organizations not based in India.
  • Other” option should also be used for account types other than “Sundry Creditor” and “Sundry Debtors”.
  • Please note that first two characters of GST is state code and hence to ensure that there is no error in data entry first two characters are fixed by the state selected by you.