GST Software | Customer Identity Card List

GST Software | Customer Identity Card List

To monitor customers in a service industry, you can issue, bar code cards, RF ID cards, magnetic cards or just any card with a serial number.

You can assign cards to customer. This will help you maintain customer visit reports. This is suitable for hospitals, housing societies, health spa and many other such service industry outlets.

  • Enter data in the fields and click “Save” to save the record. The new record will be displayed in the grid.
  • To modify or delete first click “Edit / Delete Search ON” check box.
  • To search data, type initial characters in the name field and click “Search“.
  • To update a record, click in the grid so that the record will be filled in the text boxes. Change as required and click “Update“.
  • To delete a record, select from the grid and click “Delete“.

How to prepare Master database of Cards:

  • Just enter card number and click “Save“.

IMPORT from EXCEL sheet.

  • A sample excel sheet is provided for importing card numbers.
  • Prepare excel sheet in the sample excel sheet only.
  • The card number list should be in the third sheet of the excel sheet as given in the sample excel sheet.
  • Click “Import from Excel“, select Excel sheet. It will display the records to be imported in to the database master list.
  • Make changes if you require so and click “Import” button.