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GST Inventory Software | Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why GST.Inventory is installed in C:/GSTInventory folder instead of “ProgramFiles” or “ProgramFiles(x86)?

A: To ensure working of GST.Inventory from a USB flash drive, database is stored in “Data” directory in “GSTInventory” folder itself.

Q2. What is database file extension used in GST.Inventory Software?

  1. Dot IN (.in) extension is used for databases.

Q3. Can I use the software for multiple companies?

  1. Yes. GST.Inventory is multi-company software. You can create as many companies as you want.

Q4. How can I send data to my CA who has licensed version of GST.Inventory Software?

  1. You can simply send him “dot in” file of your company from “Data” folder inside “GST.Inventory” insytallation folder, usually c:\GSTInventory.

Q5. Why I need to take yearly license for GST.Inventory software when other accounting systems are available at one time cost?

  1. GST.Inventory is taxation software and not accounting software. Taxation rules will change and software will become redundant. Instead of charging a one time high cost, we are simply charging a small amount per year.

This saves you from high cost of software update when taxation or Windows OS changes.