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GST Inventory Software | HSN / SAC Codes

This will help you prepare list of HSN Codes.
Preparation: Keep a list of HSN codes for your products.

  • For ZERO TAX Items prepare HSN code with IGST as 0 (zero)
  • For EXEMPTED ITEMS prepare HSN Code with IGST as -1 (minus one)
  • For NON-GST ITEMS prepare HSN Code with IGST as -2 (minus two)

Data will be appropriately taken in GSTR1 accordingly.

How to prepare Master database of HSN Codes:

  • Enter User defined code and HSN Code. User defined code is required as multiple tax rates are possible for same HSN code.
  • Enter IGST, SGST, CGST and Cess for that HSN Code.
  • Note that IGST is equal to GST while SGST and CGST are just half of GST.
  • Enter data in the fields and click “Save” to save the record. The new record will be displayed in the grid.
  • To modify or delete first click “Edit / Delete Search ON” check box.
  • To search data, type initial characters in the name field and click “Search”.
  • To update a record, click in the grid so that the record will be filled in the text boxes. Change as required and click “Update“.
  • To delete a record, select from the grid and click “Delete”. Delete will be allowed only if HSN code is not linked to any product.

IMPORT from EXCEL sheet.

  • A sample excel sheet is provided for importing HSN Codes directly from an excel sheet
  • Prepare excel sheet in the sample excel sheet only.
  • The first sheet must be HSN code and second sheet should be products. Do not change the order of sheet.
  • Click “Import from Excel“, select Excel sheet. It will display the records to be imported in to the database master list.
  • Make changes if you require and click “Import” button.

You should enter correct values as system will not calculate half of GST for SGST and CGST as government may change division ratio in future.