GST Software | Import Data

GST Inventory Software | Import Data

This function will enable you to import data from any ERP software.

The will be imported from a EXCEL file as per the sample file provided. Data exported from other Accounting or ERP shall be copied in the EXCEL file provided for importing.

  • Please do not make changes in EXCEL file template.
  • Select Excel File, Data will be loaded in the grid on the form.
  • Now Click on “Validate Data” to check if the data in correct in each column. If there is error, log will show the list. . Errors will be listed as well as CELLS will be highlighted in RED.
  • You can use Find and Replace option in the form to correct the errors
  • During import or validate you can checkmark “Fill default values for Empty Fields” to avoid errors related to EMPTY fields.
  • If Validation shows no error, you can import the data in the software.
  • You can additional use “Show Grouped Data” to see vouchers and products in a grouped form.
  • If there are many of errors use “Save log” to save the errors in log file and correct the EXCEL file.
  • If you have made corrections in on the form itself and wants to save back data in excel file, simply select the grid data and copy in excel. Its simple copy-paste windows function.
  • You can imported only validated data.