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Sales Invoice – No TAX (NT)

You are making invoice for products which are either EXEMPTED or fall under ZERO TAX bracket, use this option.

Please note that tax rate will be ZERO for EXEMPTED items also but under GST they are dealt and treated differently. You will to provide separate account in GSTR1 returns data.

For ZERO TAX Items prepare HSN code with IGST as 0 (zero)

For EXEMPTED ITEMS prepare HSN Code with IGST as -1 (minus one)

For NON-GST SUPPLIES prepare HSN Code with IGST as -2 (minus two)

Data will be appropriately taken in GSTR1 accordingly.

See Detailed Instructions in Sales Invoice (SI)

How to MODIFY a voucher:

  1. Use Voucher List option and select the voucher from the List. On the list page you can modify serial number, date and other static fields.
  2. Click View Voucher.
  3. During view, “Save”, “Delete Voucher” and “Delete Product” will be disabled.
  4. Click “F3” to activate these buttons.
  5. You can now modify voucher.