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Advance REFUNDED Voucher

Advance Refunded Voucher (RV) is made when you cannot supply material and amount is refunded. RV is made against Advance Receipt (AR)

So you either make an Advance Adjusted Note (AA) or Refund Voucher (RV) against Advance Receipt (AR)

Refund Voucher (RV) voucher is made with reference to AR by selecting AR voucher by clicking “PICK” button.

Both vouchers are identical in terms of products.

Refer instructions in Advance Received (AR).

The amount of taxes will get reflected in GSTR1 returns data.

How to MODIFY a voucher:

  1. Use Voucher List option and select the voucher from the List. On the list page you can modify serial number, date and other static fields.
  2. Click View Voucher.
  3. During view, “Save”, “Delete Voucher” and “Delete Product” will be disabled.
  4. Click “F3” to activate these buttons.
  5. You can now modify voucher.