GST Software | Modify and Delete Vouchers

GST Inventory Software | Modify and Delete Vouchers  | Vouchers List

This option will allow you to change serial number as well as view, modify and delete vouchers.

  • Select proper dates to display vouchers list for that period.
  • Click “Create Report” to display vouchers.
  • On this page you can modify / change serial number. This feature is useful when you want to start your invoice numbering from any specific number. Just add one invoice and charge the serial number to that specific number and system will automatically start from that number onwards.
  • This feature can also be used to reset numbers when you delete a voucher in the middle of serial numbers.
  • Press “F3” to enable “Update Serial No’s” button. This additional restriction / authorization helps in preventing accidental changes.
  • To View / Modify / Delete a voucher, select the row of the voucher and click “View Voucher” to display vouchers.
  • In view mode you will need to press “F3” key to enable delete and modify options.


You cannot recover a deleted voucher.