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Purchase Inward or Purchase Voucher

Purchase Inward (PI) is used to receive material against invoice from supplier.

use this for:

  1. Purchasing from GST registered dealer
  2. Purchasing from Non-regsitered dealer
  3. Import

This should include all products and services.

GST credit will be reflected in GSTR2 return form. You will need to verify the data online on GST website for GSTR2.

Imports should also be entered in this voucher. If Basic customs duty is applicable on your product, the same will not be reflected as you do not get credit for the same. That may be taken care off in accounting.

IGST will be reflected for Imports for which you will get credit in GSTR2.

How to MODIFY a voucher:

  1. Use Voucher List option and select the voucher from the List. On the list page you can modify serial number, date and other static fields.
  2. Click View Voucher.
  3. During view, “Save”, “Delete Voucher” and “Delete Product” will be disabled.
  4. Click “F3” to activate these buttons.
  5. You can now modify voucher.