GST Software

GST Billing, Return Filling and Inventory Management System

Unique Features

  • Get 11 CSV files needed for GSTR1 in Single click to be filled at
  • Get 10 CSV files needed for GSTR2 in Single click to be filled at
  • GSTR3B in a single click …. just fill data on
  • Validate GSTR1A and GSTR2A to make comparison and auto create credit note, debit note and invoices as required. These can then be uploaded to or though GSP.
  • Invoice entry option as well as import using excel file. Easy for tax practitioners.
  • Complete Inventory record management as per GST
  • Auto creation of Reverse Charge voucher, refund voucher, credit note and debit notes.
  • Full integration with Tally and any other accounting software
  • Get Last Purchase Price and Last Sale price while making Invoices
  • Custom product description option for each invoice item for product serial number, warranty card number etc.
  • Stock valuation using FIFO, Weighted Avg and 4 other methods
  • Service monitoring option for service industry.
  • Easy help available in right panel while you enter data.

Check out Training Pages and Videos :

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GST Software | How to add new company :        
GST Software | HSN Code:                                          
GST Software | Add and edit Products :                
GST Software | Add and edit Accounts or Ledgers :

GST Software | Add GST Tax Invoice (Sale Invoice) :
GST Software | Add Non-GST Invoice (NIl / Excempt / Non-GST) :
GST Software | Add Export Invoice With Duty Payment :
GST Software | Add Export Invoice Without Duty Payment :
GST Software | Add Advance Received (From Customer) Voucher :
GST Software | Add Advance Adjusted Voucher :
GST Software | Add Refund Voucher :
GST Software | Add Credit Note :
GST Software | Add Purchase Inward or Purchase Invoice to take Credit :
GST Software | Add Reverse Charge Invoice (against Purchases) :
GST Software | Advance Given for Reverse Charge Purchase:
GST Software | Adjust Advance Given for Reverse Charge Purchase:
GST Software | Add Debit Note :

GST Software | List Invoices / Vouchers – View and Edit   :
GST Software | Print Invoices and Vouchers :
GST Software| Prepare GSTR1:
GST Software| Validate GSTR1A:
GST Software| Prepare GSTR2:
GST Software| Validate GSTR2A:
GST Software| Prepare GSTR3B:

GST Software| Item Ledger :
GST Software| Account Ledger : List Transactions:
GST Software| Check Pending Reverse Charge / Refund / Advance Adjustment etc .. :

GST Software| Export Data in Tally XML Format:
GST Software| Export Data in CSV format :
GST Software| Import Invoices and Vouchers from Excel :
GST Software| Add Service Report :
GST Software| View Service Ledger :