GST Inventory Software | How to Use

How to Use GST.Inventory System

GST.Inventory is Multi Company Inventory, Billing and GST return filling system.

Under GST everything is linked to products and HSN, SAC code, and hence all transactions shall be like an invoice.

  • On all pages you will find this help ready to guide you.
  • First Step is to create a new company. Press ALT + A + A.
    (for trial you can use “DEMO Company” created by default).
  • Now select company (Press ALT + A + {use mouse or keyboard to select}).
  • Select Accounting Year (Press ALT + B + {use mouse or keyboard to select}).
  • Create Masters.

Set your company information       (Shortcut ALT + 1 + 1)
HSN Code List                    (Shortcut ALT + 1 + 2)
Products                        (Shortcut ALT + 1 + 3)
Accounts                        (Shortcut ALT + 1 + 4)
E-Commerce GSTIN (Shortcut ALT + 1 + 5 ) only if you are selling on E-Com Portals.
Customer ID Cards (Shortcut ALT + 1 + 6 ) option suitable for service industry like gym, parlour, etc where customer visit frequently. You can use RF ID cards, Magnetic cards, Barcode cards or just plain serial number cards.

  • Set Products opening balances for the year. (Press ALT + 2)
  • If you add a new product in future, always set opening balance before invoicing for that product.
  • You can now start with entering invoices and vouchers (Press ALT + 3 + ….)

Understanding various vouchers:

Sales Invoice (SI) : Shortcut ALT + 3 + A

Standard Sales Invoice for taxable sales

Sales Invoice – No Tax (NT) : Shortcut ALT + 3 + B

Invoice when tax is not charged. For Excempt Items, Zero Tax Items and Non-GST Items.

WPAY Export Invoice (EW) : Shortcut  ALT + 3 + C

Export Invoice when export is done WITH tax payment. And refund will be claimed later, if applicable.

WOPAY Export Invoice (EO)  : Shortcut ALT + 3 + D

Export Invoice when export is done WITHOUT tax payment.

Advance Receipt Voucher (AR): Shortcut ALT + 3 + E

To be made when advance is received for supply as you need to pay tax in advance.

Advance Adjusted Voucher (AA): Shortcut ALT + 3 + F

To be made after material is supplied for which advance is received as you need to adjust previously paid tax.

Refund Voucher (RV): Shortcut ALT + 3 + G

To be made advance is refunded back to customer without supplying material.

Credit Note / Sales Return (CN): Shortcut ALT + 3 + H

When SOLD product is returned by customer for any reason. Specify reason in voucher.

Purchase Inward (PI): Shortcut ALT + 3 + I

This allows you to claim tax credit. Material is taken in stock.

Reverse Charge Invoice (RC): Shortcut ALT + 3 + J

To be made when you purchase something that attracts reverse charge. Check rules as they will keep changing.

Advance Given (For RC purchase) (AG): Shortcut ALT + 3 + K

To be made when advance is given to unregistered dealer for purchasing something that attracts reverse charge. You become liable to pay tax as soon as you pay advance.

Advance Given Adjusted (For RC purchase) (GA): Shortcut ALT + 3 + L

To be made when material is received for which advance was given (see AG voucher above).

Debit Note / Purchase Return (DN): Shortcut  ALT + 3 + M

When PURCHASED product is returned by you to the supplier for any reason. Specify reason in voucher