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Sales Invoice

  • Click on Yellow field next to “customer” label and select customer. It will automatically select same as “Ship To” address which you can change.
  • Select Date, serial number will be generated automatically. The series number will be taken from the settings provided in “Company Info” form.
  • You can use TAB or ENTER key to move forward in fields and SHIFT+TAB to move backward. You can type desired search characters to filter. You can always use mouse freely.
  • IGST, SGST, CGST and Cess will be taken based on STATE and HSN codes. You cannot change them.
  • Closing Balances are displayed on right side to enable proper billing and help control negative balance.
  • Last Purchase Price and Last Sale Price are also displayed (LPP / LSP)

Use Sales Invoice (SI) to prepare TAX INVOICE for local as well as interstate sales.

The amount of taxes will get reflected in GSTR1 returns data.

How to MODIFY a voucher:

  1. Use Voucher List option and select the voucher from the List. On the list page you can modify serial number, date and other static fields.
  2. Click View Voucher.
  3. During view, “Save”, “Delete Voucher” and “Delete Product” will be disabled.
  4. Click “F3” to activate these buttons.
  5. You can now modify voucher.