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GST Inventory Software | GSTR1 Reports

GSTR1 has in total 11 reports.

  • There are 11 grids on the page to show required 11 reports.
  • Select the radio button above the grid and click “Create Report” to create reports one by one.
  • If amount of data is not big, that is if total invoices are less than 1000, you can check “All at a time” check box to create all 11 reports on single click.
  • Verify data on the grid and if required, modify the vouchers.
  • You can click on the grid to make it full screen or you can select the radio button and click “Enlarge View” button.
  • You will see a close button to reduce the grid size back to normal or you can also click “Return Back” button.
  • Select each report one by one using radio button and click export to save CSV file. You can use these CSV files to upload on GST server after login at