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GST Inventory Software | Products

This will help you prepare list of products and services.

  • Enter data in the fields and click “Save” to save the record. The new record will be displayed in the grid.
  • To modify or delete first click “Edit / Delete Search ON” check box.
  • To search data, type initial characters in the name field and click “Search” on Product Code.
  • To update a record, click in the grid so that the record will be filled in the text boxes. Change as required and click “Update“.
  • To delete a record, select from the grid and click “Delete”.

IMPORT from EXCEL sheet.

  • A sample excel sheet is provided for importing products and services directly from an excel sheet
  • Prepare excel sheet in the sample excel sheet only.
  • The first sheet must be HSN code (includes SAC Codes) and second sheet should be products. Do not change the order of sheet.
  • Click “Import from Excel“, select Excel sheet. It will display the records to be imported in to the database master list.
  • Make changes if you require so and click “Import” button.